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Houdini BPM

Business Process Management

Houdini Esq

Legal Practice Software

Houdini Esq

Houdini BPM

“It’s been ten years since we made the switch from LexisNexis Time Matters to HoudiniEsq, and we’re not looking back. HoudiniEsq has provided us with an easy to use the system to manage our law practice.”
James Doan Esq

“HoudiniEsq is far better than any other management software out there! I love the functionality. The customer support to walk you through it is amazing and done on the spot. The program itself is amazing, works exceptionally, and their support is the best I’ve ever seen!”
Christopher McWhorter Esq

“HoudiniEsq is a great innovation for the department. We handle over 100,000 cases annually. HoudiniEsq has made the department more effective and efficient. The department saves over $750,000 annually.”
Phyllis Cheng Esq

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